sensory inputs: a lexicon of sense

Treehugger: 3D metal printing 


the smell of dehydrating ginger candied pumpkin seeds for “Raw Thanksgiving ‘09”


The crazy thing about our sense of sight is that we have created technology to temporally displace the experience. We can capture moments that we could have seen, or did see, and then see them later.

Here’s the latest addition to my collection of moments I never saw first hand: My brother at his Queens, NY polling site yesterday.

Thanks to digital cameras and the internets, I got to experience this moment just a few minutes, and thousands of miles, later.


Donuts. Mimosas. It is a good morning to be at work.

(And yes, that is bacon you see there on top of maple-glazed sugary goodness.)

We humans are funny how we like to celebrate together with food. The bigger the moment, the more special the food?


Food is incredibly social, dessert perhaps even more so. And the company always seems to affect the taste.

At home we have this saying that dinner never tastes without love. Meaning our efforts are far less enjoyable and fullfilling if made in an argument.

Tonight the laughter was loud, the stories were constant and the food was delicious.


Can you see music? Design Mind contends that “Eyes Can Hear”…


Visualizing Imogen Heap’s song First Train Home by frogdesign.

From an interview of Imogen Heap on her collaborative proceses and visualization of music in Eyes Can Hear at design mind.

Oh! Also? Click the link to see whole song visualization.


example: if landline rings while you are on facebook landline wins your attention - at least until a text message arrives


St. Joseph's Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

services in Oakland/Hayward


This trailer was made for the Typophile Film Festival by students at BYU with no CG work, all camera shot stop-motion animation.

It would also serve well as a visual opener to our Experiences Studio class…


Today’s circle on my skin: some sort of bite acquired overnight.

It itched like crazy this morning and now has swollen almost perfectly round.

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